〜Making wishes 初詣の意義〜

People almost automatically want to go… 続きを読む

〜My tanka and haiku about my mother どちらも自作〜

“Write your own poems” said my second … 続きを読む

〜Person of virtue 孤独ではない〜

“A person of virtue does not stand alo… 続きを読む

〜Long tradition 七種粥〜

Following the very old custom, today, … 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 芹〜

This seasonal phrase is for around the… 続きを読む

〜At a shrine 初御籤〜

    In the New Year, people … 続きを読む

〜Point of origin ここから始める〜

“Surge, pulse”.  I am hoping to create… 続きを読む

〜Collaboration 道徳経〜

〜Collaboration 道徳経〜 . I found this one… 続きを読む

〜Under the soil 雪下出麦〜

The first seasonal phrase of the year … 続きを読む

〜Chinese phoenix 鳳鳴朝陽〜

〜Chinese phoenix 鳳鳴朝陽〜 . I thought I w… 続きを読む

〜Good! 萬歳!〜

This year, the whole world went throug… 続きを読む

〜High motive 年末に思うこと〜

This motto meaning “to accomplish a re… 続きを読む

〜Calligraphy on a large cloth 行方不明〜

I wrote the Heart Sutra on a large lin… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 大鹿の角ねえ・・・〜

I learned this phrase, the last one fo… 続きを読む

〜Past and present 古に思いを馳せ、〜

It was a task at one of the lessons by… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 乃東生〜

I learned this phrase means some kind … 続きを読む

〜Christmas card haiku 年末は忙しい〜

This is just another busy day in the e… 続きを読む

〜Christmas Eve seven years ago 父へ〜

My father passed away on Christmas Eve… 続きを読む

〜From Earth into Air 風の時代へ〜

From the viewpoint of astrology, the t… 続きを読む

〜Abundant sensitiveness 豊かさとは〜

Lots of things happened to my life thi… 続きを読む

〜The winter solstice 自作の俳句〜

Today falls on the Winter Solstice.  T… 続きを読む

〜Kyoto Hand-made Marché 2020: Day two 京都ハンドメイドマルシェ2020: 二日目〜

First of all, I would like to extend m… 続きを読む

〜Kyoto Hand-made Marché 2020: Day one 京都ハンドメイドマルシェ2020: 初日〜

It was my first time to take part in t… 続きを読む

〜Kyoto Hand-made Marché 2020 京都ハンドメイドマルシェ2020〜

This is a new and last announcement ab… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 鮭の生態〜

The seasonal phrase for around this ti… 続きを読む

〜Driving force that energizes you 人の暖かさ〜

I practiced copying the calligraphy by… 続きを読む

〜Kyoto Hand-made Marché 2020 京都ハンドメイドマルシェ2020〜

This is the second announcement of a l… 続きを読む

〜My old friend 会いたいな〜

These days, it is very difficult to me… 続きを読む

〜May good spirits come together at your gate! お玄関にどうぞ!〜

My humble writing may not be able to r… 続きを読む

〜Bear hibernates 熊の生態〜

Seasonal phrase around this time is th… 続きを読む

〜Step by step 石を穿つ〜

Only a small amount of flowing water c… 続きを読む

〜Kyoto Hand-made Marché 2020 京都ハンドメイドマルシェ2020〜

Below is the URL of the page of my boo… 続きを読む

〜Symbol of the next year 蜜柑〜

I got a schedule book for 2021 by my f… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 完全に冬〜

The seasonal phrase for around the sec… 続きを読む

〜How you write a haiku 俳句の書〜

It is difficult to compose a good layo… 続きを読む

〜Contrarian イメージの逆〜

It was this reddish paper that I picke… 続きを読む

〜After having fun 帰り途〜

On my way home after spending delightf… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 橘始黄〜

The phrase for this season, around the… 続きを読む

〜Sorting out by size and fashion これも昔の作品〜

I am trying to sort out my works by th… 続きを読む

〜Haiku of maple trees valley 昔の作品〜

While cleaning, I found my work at lea… 続きを読む

〜Trial and error 次は、どうする?〜

It is my second time to participate in… 続きを読む

〜Immeasurable prospects 無限の可能性〜

The Western astrology has kept express… 続きを読む

〜Winter will soon be here. 北風〜

The seasonal phrase for the end of Nov… 続きを読む

〜Initials 母の名前と私の名前〜

Sometime ago, at a calligraphy exhibit… 続きを読む

〜Painting of Tyrol scenery いただき物〜

My first calligraphy teacher and his w… 続きを読む

〜One day trip 神在祭〜

Yesterday I paid a visit to Izumo Tais… 続きを読む

〜Rainbows go out of view 虹蔵不見〜

Seasonal phrase for the last week of N… 続きを読む

〜Postcards collection 字って地味なんですが〜

These are for the postcards collection… 続きを読む

〜Tale of the bamboo cutter ラジオの英会話番組〜

These days, I have been greatly enjoyi… 続きを読む

〜Phrase from a sutra 『大』がすごい〜

Yesterday, I went to the temple my fam… 続きを読む