World keeps changing

This small, old piece of paper is an o… 続きを読む

Supreme compliment

In November 2017, by good fortune I wa… 続きを読む

Progress report

You will find these works at the “Kyot… 続きを読む

Living in thankfulness

This photo shows a new result of copyi… 続きを読む

Rice cropping timing

This phrase is from the solar terms an… 続きを読む

Fan shaped paper

These are my new pieces on fan shaped … 続きを読む

Novelty and nostalgia

I think that these two are the main fe… 続きを読む

Very slightly bigger type of very small screens

The photo shows very small paper scree… 続きを読む

Feeling nostalgic

I found this while trying to get rid o… 続きを読む

Proud posting

This is again a result of my copying p… 続きを読む

Delightful announcement

Kyoto Art Craft Market 2020 Autumn . h… 続きを読む

Seasons turn

Seasons turn . This phrase is allocate… 続きを読む