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Born and raised in Kyoto, and lived in Kyoto all my life. I think I am thoroughly Gemini, because the Sun, the Moon, the Mercury and the Venus are all in Gemini in my birth horoscope.

I recall it was when I was about seven years old that I began going to a calligraphy school, where a distinguished master of calligraphy happened to be teaching. However, calligraphy had never been my greatest concern in life, and I just continued practicing it without a very keen interest for nearly sixty years to this day.

During this period I held four exhibitions; first, my solo exhibition at the beginning of 2009, and after that I began to provide opportunities for beginners to try calligraphy and named the activity Yushokai, and had its first exhibition in July, 2011, its second one in June 2013 and a third one in July 2015.

At present, Yushokai doesn’t have regular practice sessions but I have a great wish that I would spread my teacher’s ideal, “Pleasure of calligraphy in everyday life”, and have been writing this page and another one, “Yushokai works” where I display mainly my pieces before I began this website.

Incidentally, I put a name as a calligrapher (pseudonym), “ChiO” sometime after my teacher passed away by myself. He used to tell us, his students that we could choose a pseudonym as we liked if we wanted one. I chose mine with a letter for “cherry”, commemorating a friend who was fond of cherry blossoms but passed away when he was still quite young.

If you have any requests concerning calligraphy by Chio, please use the comment form below.  Thank you very much for your interest in Chio’s calligraphy.

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