Like the light of the star

Again, this is my copying practice of … 続きを読む

Fans for mom

These old fans are what I did for my l… 続きを読む

Zen phrase for August

“Willows are green; flowers are red”. … 続きを読む

Heartwarming gifts

One of my valued, long-time friends fr… 続きを読む

Lions Gate

Those involving things spiritual often… 続きを読む


This is my version of “Scarlet by the … 続きを読む

Wave from your mind

This is another copying practice I did… 続きを読む

Only showing my desperate wish at the moment

This means “cool air begins to blow”, … 続きを読む

End of the rainy season; several days ago

This year’s very, tediously long rainy… 続きを読む

Exhibit of 100 fans

I am happy to announce that I was allo… 続きを読む

Happy encounters at the marché

Happy encounters at the marché . Today… 続きを読む

Day 2 of the August marché

Today was the second day of the art ma… 続きを読む

August marché begins

  Today was the first day of the … 続きを読む

Arrangement for the August marché

I am feeling very happy about the idea… 続きを読む


What I have been trying to get these s… 続きを読む

Happy surprise from the past

This simply framed piece that I had co… 続きを読む

Eye of the mind

If you have this, anything and everyth… 続きを読む

Copying practice

I am fully aware that in this tough pe… 続きを読む


It is a great pleasure for me to annou… 続きを読む

Unlimited possibilities

Unlimited possibilities are smiling at… 続きを読む


I actually wanted to buy sunflowers at… 続きを読む

Hawks learn to fly

This phrase, one of the divided season… 続きを読む

Such bonne bouche again

A really good, longtime friend came to… 続きを読む


This morning I enjoyed being in the mo… 続きを読む

“Lotus flowers begin blooming”

Here is a subdivided phrase of the sol… 続きを読む

Fervent prayer

I really didn’t know the meaning of th… 続きを読む

Little tomatoes

The lady next-door who is a great gard… 続きを読む

More fans

This year I wrote on more paper fans t… 続きを読む

Long spell of hard rain

The photo shows one phrase from the su… 続きを読む

Looking back

I practiced copying again my first tea… 続きを読む

The most well-known haiku

It is a result of copying practice of … 続きを読む

Knock on … Write on wood

Sometimes I feel like writing on mater… 続きを読む

All’s well …

The art marché period closed with no m… 続きを読む

Rainy day

Today it rained on and off almost all … 続きを読む

Enso (円相) by my late teacher

My first calligraphy teacher left me m… 続きを読む

Preparation completed

I was again allowed to take part in th… 続きを読む

Days of swamp lilies

Today falls on the 11th day from the s… 続きを読む

Day of hard rain

It rained quite heavily almost all day… 続きを読む

Letter for playing music

This letter means to play musical inst… 続きを読む

Gardenia flowers

  I found gardenia flowers in my … 続きを読む

Long life

These are my old works which I happene… 続きを読む

Blossoming irises

This is one of the subdivided solar te… 続きを読む

Learning the basics

Taking out a book of samples my first … 続きを読む

My goal

One group, one member. . I found this … 続きを読む

Birthday gifts

This year, I had such a delightful bir… 続きを読む

Old memory

This photo of a small frame is from th… 続きを読む

Summer solstice

It is the summer solstice today.  And … 続きを読む

Day 1 of the postcard collection even

Day 1 of the postcard collection event… 続きを読む

Birthday wishes and gifts

A very good friend of longtime from hi… 続きを読む

River in the mountains

River in the mountains . It is only th… 続きを読む