Calligrapher Chio

Chio (Calligrapher, 1955-)

Chio was born, raised and are living in Kyoto, Japan.

She began practicing calligraphy at six under a distinguished calligrapher whose calligraphic works are found even today as stone monuments for public parks and fasciae of long-established stores.

She is, at present, increasingly active in her art performance, though over 67 years of age. 

People are often reminded of “dancing of pleasant air” and “flowing of clear water” when seeing the movement of her arms while performing.  And her works give out light-hearted impression, as well as a flood of sense of vitality. 

Her distinct style attracts many followers from both domestic and abroad.

In short, she continues to be evolving as a calligrapher never to be willing to compromise for over sixty years.   

List of her calligraphy performances

One solo exhibition and three group exhibitions in Japan (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015)

Participation in a group exhibition in Poland, November 2017

Productions as requested from individuals, businesses and citizen’s movements