The Order of the Smile

This gentleman of soft looks with an adorable girl by his side, Mr. Kawaler Orderu Uśmiechu, is highly esteemed as President of the Poznań Club of the Order of the Smile.

The order that is annually awarded to those who worked hard to enhance the wellbeing of children in various fields was established by a Poznań magazine in 1968.

The most particular aspect of this honorable decoration, I think, is that children themselves choose the recipients.

The photo shows a cheerful sun-like image, which is the logo of the honor created and developed by a nine-year-old girl and chosen from about 45,000 designs submitted in the competition to determine the design.

These two photos are the two sides of this gentleman’s card, the face and the back with his autograph and a message to me.

And the photo below showing my calligraphy meaning “breaking into a smile” is the one I wrote after hearing that the word this gentleman likes is “smile” and this is to express my gratitude to him.

Now, last but not least, I would like to write how I had this remarkable honor of getting something so precious as his card is that a very special friend I got acquainted through a calligraphy exhibition in Poznań held in November 2017 has been making continuing efforts to realize my long-held hopes (1) to establish myself as a professional calligrapher and (2) to spread this art and culture of Japanese calligraphy to the whole world kindly introduced my calligraphic works to several important people in Poznań.  One of those people was this distinguished gentleman who, to my great pleasure, showed interest in my works of Japanese style calligraphy.

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