〜My treasure 古いお手本〜

I think I will practice again a book o… 続きを読む

〜Cold days in spring 花冷えどころか〜

Many friends both domestic and abroad … 続きを読む

〜Satori in a sense ある理想形〜

〜Satori in a sense  ある理想形〜 …. 続きを読む

〜Spring day 青空が・・・〜

I enjoyed a pleasant weather and beaut… 続きを読む

〜Contrast, comparison, counterpoint 古代文字〜

Now I think I haven’t written pieces o… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 玄鳥至〜

The seasonal phrase for about a week s… 続きを読む

〜Special gifts and the ending season 頂きものと残桜〜

〜Selfless love  親の愛〜

This is another small work of mine tha… 続きを読む

〜First roll of thunder 雷乃発声〜

“People begin hearing distant rolls of… 続きを読む

〜Good-looking boy  別の側面〜

The other day, I went and enjoyed a fi… 続きを読む

〜Cherry blossoms at their best さくら さくら〜

Cherry blossoms make me feel lonely.&n… 続きを読む

〜Healing songs of birds 当て字ですが〜

Songs of Japanese bush warblers seem t… 続きを読む

〜Tree  小さな色紙〜

The character is “tree”.  It… 続きを読む

〜At a marché 実は・・・〜

The piece this photo shows was actuall… 続きを読む

〜Where is mom? 寄せ集めではありますが〜

More than a year has passed since my m… 続きを読む

〜Calligraphy copying practice 長い夢

This is a result of my copying practic… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 今年の桜は〜

“Cherry blossoms begin to bloom.”&nbsp… 続きを読む

〜Something undesirable 先生の書〜

I practiced with the model my teacher … 続きを読む

〜Little ornaments in your house 小さき物たち 2〜

Just like the entry I posted yest… 続きを読む

〜Re-encounter 小さき物たち〜

Many forgotten things appear one after… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase  あおむし!〜

〜Reminiscence  子供の頃のお手本〜

I drew out again the models my first c… 続きを読む

〜Chinese name  最終形〜

〜Gratitude  4本まとめて〜

A very long and good friend of mine se… 続きを読む

〜Sweets and others ホワイトデーのお返し〜

The photo shows some gifts I received … 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase  桃の花〜

The second seasonal phrase for March i… 続きを読む

〜Fifty gerbera daisies 2 小分けにしました〜

Because fifty flowers in one vase look… 続きを読む

〜Long history and tradition 大切なもの〜

The photos show an event relating to t… 続きを読む

〜If you see the sky, your life is OK. 空が見える〜

Following is what an elderly lady says… 続きを読む

〜Mother’s hometown  年に2回だけの墓参〜

Today I went to my late mother’s homet… 続きを読む

〜More goody  初めてのお味〜

My important friend who brought many d… 続きを読む

〜Copying the calligraphy by my teacher 快活さ〜

〜Copying the calligraphy by my teacher… 続きを読む

〜Faraway scenery  光流れて〜

I was gazing into this painting for so… 続きを読む

〜Fifty gerbera daisies 大きな花束〜

I received a huge bouquet on a beautif… 続きを読む

〜Worms move  啓蟄〜

Today marks Jingzhe, the season when w… 続きを読む

〜Nature moves  草木萠動

This is the first seasonal phrase for … 続きを読む

〜Party! Party! 雛祭りの女子会〜

A very good, longtime friend of mine c… 続きを読む

〜Many shapes for one character 寿 壽〜

I collected many forms of letters for … 続きを読む

〜Month of March もうすぐ雛祭り〜

It is very warm today, and it does fee… 続きを読む

〜One character 一年の総括〜

My present teacher gave us, her studen… 続きを読む

〜Copying practice 先生のお手本で〜

I practiced a page of a haiku from a b… 続きを読む

〜Rainy day 久しぶりなので〜

t was a cold rainy morning.  And it wa… 続きを読む

〜Misty air 霞たなびく〜

This is the last seasonal term for Feb… 続きを読む

〜Ice saints 色付きの空気〜

It has been cold and windy again for t… 続きを読む

〜Modern and ancient letters 思い出の中の〜

This piece enjoyed the most popularity… 続きを読む

〜Live your FLOW 潤筆が好き〜

I like the touch of a brush with plent… 続きを読む

〜Calligraphy copying 仮名の臨書〜

For the first time in a long time, I p… 続きを読む

〜Ubiquitous light むらなく平等〜

It is warm and sunny today.  This plea… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 春の土〜

“After the rain, the soil contains amp… 続きを読む

〜So happy for my mother! 朝市帰り〜

A very good, longtime friend of mine c… 続きを読む