Old memory

This photo of a small frame is from th… 続きを読む

Summer solstice

It is the summer solstice today.  And … 続きを読む

Day 1 of the postcard collection even

Day 1 of the postcard collection event… 続きを読む

Birthday wishes and gifts

A very good friend of longtime from hi… 続きを読む

River in the mountains

River in the mountains . It is only th… 続きを読む


I am going to ask the main staffer of … 続きを読む

Postcard works – new ones

These postcards with my calligraphy wi… 続きを読む

Paper fans – new ones

These are my new calligraphy works on … 続きを読む

Frame named “hydrangea”

I found it very intriguing that this s… 続きを読む

Rainy season begins

It has been raining quite heavily thes… 続きを読む

Postcards collection-an exhibit

It is a great pleasure for me to annou… 続きを読む

New winds, old winds

The lower part of the photo shows my o… 続きを読む