New Moon in the Virgo and one more

Tonight’s moon is the Virgoan new moon… 続きを読む

Hawks learn to fly

This phrase, one of the divided season… 続きを読む

“Lotus flowers begin blooming”

Here is a subdivided phrase of the sol… 続きを読む

Days of swamp lilies

Today falls on the 11th day from the s… 続きを読む

Blossoming irises

This is one of the subdivided solar te… 続きを読む

Summer solstice

It is the summer solstice today.  And … 続きを読む

Day 0

This is how things have been prepared … 続きを読む

New tries of the old style

The photo shows my latest works on pos… 続きを読む

Beginning of summer

Today marks the first day of the summe… 続きを読む

Symbol of the solar term of this season

“A caterpillar changes into a butterfl… 続きを読む

As above, so below

I learned the phrase means what is hap… 続きを読む


As today falls on Jingzhe, one of the … 続きを読む