〜Water under the soil 寒い!〜

  It is a sleety morning.  Howeve… 続きを読む

〜Long tradition 七種粥〜

Following the very old custom, today, … 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 芹〜

This seasonal phrase is for around the… 続きを読む

〜Point of origin ここから始める〜

“Surge, pulse”.  I am hoping to create… 続きを読む

〜Under the soil 雪下出麦〜

The first seasonal phrase of the year … 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 大鹿の角ねえ・・・〜

I learned this phrase, the last one fo… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 乃東生〜

I learned this phrase means some kind … 続きを読む

〜From Earth into Air 風の時代へ〜

From the viewpoint of astrology, the t… 続きを読む

〜Bear hibernates 熊の生態〜

Seasonal phrase around this time is th… 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase 完全に冬〜

The seasonal phrase for around the sec… 続きを読む

〜Immeasurable prospects 無限の可能性〜

The Western astrology has kept express… 続きを読む

〜Rainbows go out of view 虹蔵不見〜

Seasonal phrase for the last week of N… 続きを読む

〜Phrase of the season まだ早いです〜

The phrase for this season, that is, t… 続きを読む

〜Buddhist phrase 融通無碍〜

I read somewhere and learned that in B… 続きを読む

〜Coldest days 地始凍〜

This phrase meaning “the earth begins … 続きを読む

〜 Phrase for the season 時々、しとしと 〜

The seasonal phrase according to the s… 続きを読む

New moon in the libra 天秤座新月

“Airy-fairy wave motion” “Fresh breeze… 続きを読む


This phrase of the season is roughly a… 続きを読む

First full moon of the month

At the end of the month, there will be… 続きを読む


This phrase is one of the divided seas… 続きを読む

Last day

Today marks the last day of this year’… 続きを読む

New Moon in the Virgo and one more

Tonight’s moon is the Virgoan new moon… 続きを読む

Hawks learn to fly

This phrase, one of the divided season… 続きを読む

“Lotus flowers begin blooming”

Here is a subdivided phrase of the sol… 続きを読む

Days of swamp lilies

Today falls on the 11th day from the s… 続きを読む

Blossoming irises

This is one of the subdivided solar te… 続きを読む

Summer solstice

It is the summer solstice today.  And … 続きを読む

Day 0

This is how things have been prepared … 続きを読む

New tries of the old style

The photo shows my latest works on pos… 続きを読む

Beginning of summer

Today marks the first day of the summe… 続きを読む

Symbol of the solar term of this season

“A caterpillar changes into a butterfl… 続きを読む

As above, so below

I learned the phrase means what is hap… 続きを読む


As today falls on Jingzhe, one of the … 続きを読む

Start of the joyful season

According to the old lunar calendar, y… 続きを読む

Visiting shrines

For some years now, I have been intere… 続きを読む

Winter morning

Today falls on Dàxuě that is the 21st … 続きを読む

Professional calligrapher?

This is one of my pieces exhibited at … 続きを読む

White dew

Today marks 白露, one of the seasonal st… 続きを読む

Important factor in life

Important factor in life I enjoyed an … 続きを読む

To an old friend

I got an e-mail message from a good, o… 続きを読む

The sixth month…on the day of the summer solstice

I like the month of June just because,… 続きを読む

Favorite flower and favorite haiku

For this single-leaf screen, I chose m… 続きを読む

Flash into eternity

Turning a flash into eternity is a tas… 続きを読む

First day of summer 暑かったですよね

According to the Solar term, today fal… 続きを読む

Written oracle 静かなパワースポット

Yesterday, coincidentally, fell on the… 続きを読む

Old practice on the midwinter night 柚子入りお風呂

Today falls on the Winter Solstice. It… 続きを読む

Something wild 季節のことば

As I have been suffering from a cold, … 続きを読む

Scattering roasted beans on the last day of winter なくなっていく行事

“Drive away ogres! Invite happiness in… 続きを読む

Small gifts 祝・水星逆行

The Mercury has been going backwards f… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

They say tonight’s full moon in called… 続きを読む