More fans

This year I wrote on more paper fans t… 続きを読む

Long spell of hard rain

The photo shows one phrase from the su… 続きを読む

Looking back

I practiced copying again my first tea… 続きを読む

The most well-known haiku

It is a result of copying practice of … 続きを読む

Knock on … Write on wood

Sometimes I feel like writing on mater… 続きを読む

All’s well …

The art marché period closed with no m… 続きを読む

Rainy day

Today it rained on and off almost all … 続きを読む

Enso (円相) by my late teacher

My first calligraphy teacher left me m… 続きを読む

Preparation completed

I was again allowed to take part in th… 続きを読む

Days of swamp lilies

Today falls on the 11th day from the s… 続きを読む

Day of hard rain

It rained quite heavily almost all day… 続きを読む

Letter for playing music

This letter means to play musical inst… 続きを読む