This is my version of “Scarlet by the … 続きを読む

Wave from your mind

This is another copying practice I did… 続きを読む

Only showing my desperate wish at the moment

This means “cool air begins to blow”, … 続きを読む

End of the rainy season; several days ago

This year’s very, tediously long rainy… 続きを読む

Exhibit of 100 fans

I am happy to announce that I was allo… 続きを読む

Happy encounters at the marché

Happy encounters at the marché . Today… 続きを読む

Day 2 of the August marché

Today was the second day of the art ma… 続きを読む

August marché begins

  Today was the first day of the … 続きを読む

Arrangement for the August marché

I am feeling very happy about the idea… 続きを読む


What I have been trying to get these s… 続きを読む

Happy surprise from the past

This simply framed piece that I had co… 続きを読む

Eye of the mind

If you have this, anything and everyth… 続きを読む