Happy Mother’s Day

Here is a haiku of irregular rhythm I … 続きを読む

Love is the ocean

This is my favorite image, the image o… 続きを読む

Mother’s 令和

Exactly one year ago, the very first d… 続きを読む

Flower gift

Someone came over and offered this flo… 続きを読む

Spring breeze

Spring is just around the corner.  And… 続きを読む

YouTube channel

I posted a new video on my YouTube cha… 続きを読む


My mother and I created four-parter wo… 続きを読む

Visiting shrines

For some years now, I have been intere… 続きを読む

January 15

People have long celebrated the day, J… 続きを読む


Yesterday my mother and I went to the … 続きを読む

Mother practices calligraphy

Yesterday, it was cold and rainy all d… 続きを読む

Mother and daughter

These are collaboration works with my … 続きを読む