〜So happy for my mother! 朝市帰り〜

A very good, longtime friend of mine c… 続きを読む

〜My tanka and haiku about my mother どちらも自作〜

“Write your own poems” said my second … 続きを読む

〜Collaboration 道徳経〜

〜Collaboration 道徳経〜 . I found this one… 続きを読む

〜Initials 母の名前と私の名前〜

Sometime ago, at a calligraphy exhibit… 続きを読む

Hospital visit

For the first time in months, I paid a… 続きを読む

Fans for mom

These old fans are what I did for my l… 続きを読む

Heartwarming gifts

One of my valued, long-time friends fr… 続きを読む

“Lotus flowers begin blooming”

Here is a subdivided phrase of the sol… 続きを読む

Happy Mother’s Day

Here is a haiku of irregular rhythm I … 続きを読む

Love is the ocean

This is my favorite image, the image o… 続きを読む

Mother’s 令和

Exactly one year ago, the very first d… 続きを読む

Flower gift

Someone came over and offered this flo… 続きを読む

Spring breeze

Spring is just around the corner.  And… 続きを読む

YouTube channel

I posted a new video on my YouTube cha… 続きを読む


My mother and I created four-parter wo… 続きを読む

Visiting shrines

For some years now, I have been intere… 続きを読む

January 15

People have long celebrated the day, J… 続きを読む


Yesterday my mother and I went to the … 続きを読む

Mother practices calligraphy

Yesterday, it was cold and rainy all d… 続きを読む

Mother and daughter

These are collaboration works with my … 続きを読む

Utmost joy

Waking up mother/ Little, pleasant tim… 続きを読む

Greatest pastime

  My greatest pastime lately is p… 続きを読む

Afternoon nap

I thought I would practice a lot today… 続きを読む

Collaboration by four people

 First my mother wrote the big letters… 続きを読む

Memory of a summer day

I wrote this one about four years ago … 続きを読む

For her good friends

My mother wrote these on postcards for… 続きを読む

Please stay cool

As a little, humble present for the te… 続きを読む

Autumn begins

Looking after an old parent is no easy… 続きを読む

Birthday girl!

Today is my mother’s 91stbirthday.  Sh… 続きを読む

Thinking of you 祈り

I have a dear friend who says she alwa… 続きを読む

It actually happened 実話です

At this time of the year, I seem to be… 続きを読む

Same interest 母娘の作品

Yesterday, my mother did some calligra… 続きを読む

Visiting the grave, at last やっとの事で

This month I finally got to visit the … 続きを読む

Fondness for a color 長年の好み

My mother loves clothing of indigotic … 続きを読む

Women love their hair 髪は女の命

  Yesterday I took my mother to a… 続きを読む

Custom of visiting a grave お彼岸なので

  I was planning to visit the gra… 続きを読む

Collaboration work 母娘合作

At the annual new-year calligraphy exh… 続きを読む

Finishing the work これで仕上がり

My mother did the last stoke of the le… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

The task for today’s practice session … 続きを読む

Special moon 夜の散歩

After dinner on the eve of harvest moo… 続きを読む

Another collaboration work 母と娘の共作

One heart, ten thousand flowers A devo… 続きを読む

Happy birthday やっと90歳

Today is my mother’s ninetieth birthda… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

These are the results of today’s pract… 続きを読む

Life in a hospital 前より元気かも

My mother has been hospitalized almost… 続きを読む

Flowers of the season 紫陽花大好き

  Year after year, a kind neighbo… 続きを読む

Blue heron いつもの散歩道

  My mother and I found this whil… 続きを読む

Gerbera flowers from Mrs. M’s garden ガーベラの花

Gerbera daisies that late Mrs. M. who … 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

Because the task for today’s practice … 続きを読む

Little flowers in our garden プリムラ

In our garden, primula flowers are beg… 続きを読む

Regular visit to the grave 記憶の通り

Today I paid a visit to the grave of m… 続きを読む