Diptych アイデア後付けですが

The photo shows a two-parter collabora… 続きを読む

White bird 何やってるの?

I took this photo along the Takano Riv… 続きを読む

Hydrangea とにかく好きな花でして

I love hydrangeas. I recall the hydran… 続きを読む

Best friend, pt 3 持つべきものは(その3)

This entry is about “friends” continue… 続きを読む

Best friend, pt 2 持つべきものは(その2)

The entry on June 24 was about my moth… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

My calligraphy tends to have half-bake… 続きを読む

Best friend, pt1 持つべきものは(その1)

The photo shows uchiwa fans with my mo… 続きを読む

Rainy season in Japan 夏至だけど

Today marks midsummer day. However, as… 続きを読む

Happy birthday! 手本がいいと思いませんか

Today is my birthday. I think my mothe… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

When Yushokai had regular practice ses… 続きを読む

Treasury 寶もの

Days spent regarding each other as tre… 続きを読む

Lunch for two お昼ご飯

Mother has grown weak and now it seems… 続きを読む