Important practice

A couple of decades ago, who would hav… 続きを読む

YouTube video “water” “stream”

I posted a new video on my YouTube cha… 続きを読む

Flying dragon

The photo shows one corner of the exhi… 続きを読む

Refreshing autumn breeze

It is a passage from a poem of ancient… 続きを読む

YouTube channel

I added a new video on my YouTube chan… 続きを読む


What is truth? Truth is what? . The ph… 続きを読む

Degree of freedom of Chinese characters

This is a quite well-known haiku by Ba… 続きを読む

YouTube channel

Here is a new video on my YouTube chan… 続きを読む

Something feminine

This is another piece exhibited at the… 続きを読む

To forget both

I found this from an anthology of Zen … 続きを読む

Friendship in the form of tasty foods

One of my best friends from high schoo… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons!

The task for today’s practice session … 続きを読む

Professional calligrapher?

This is one of my pieces exhibited at … 続きを読む

Cluster amaryllis

Why do we feel something creepy out of… 続きを読む

Fall, the season of appetite

It is essentially important for us, I … 続きを読む

Autumnal indication

According to the old lunar calendar, w… 続きを読む

Joy to love …

… and happiness to be loved. This is o… 続きを読む