Flying dragon

The photo shows one corner of the exhibition, TRZY RZEKI 2017 KYOTO POZNAN, held in Poznań, Poland in November 2017.


Because both my first calligraphy teacher, the late Mr. Akiyama Kodo (秋山公道) and my mother were born in the year of the dragon, one of the twelve old Chinese zodiac signs, the letter dragon (龍) is my favorite.  Here I added another letter “flying” (飛) to the letter “dragon”.


Looking back at the event, now I think I may have been turning to those two people closest to me at the unconscious level, trying to win their support for the success of this exhibition, a very important occasion in my career as a calligrapher.


Since then, I have been more than grateful for having opportunities to perform calligraphy demonstration a couple of times while I stayed in the city of Poznań.


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