YouTube video “water” “stream”

I posted a new video on my YouTube channel that I newly set up.

Check this and enjoy my calligraphy!


For, like the last one, this one shows how letters are being born out of ink, a brush, paper and an artist’s arm.


This brilliant device will certainly show you the essence of calligraphy.


This phrase is made up of two characters “water” and “stream”.


A very important, dear friend of mine from Poznań, Poland praised the movement of my arm likening it to something flowing on the stream of water right after my calligraphy performance in the opening of the exhibition, TRZY RZEKI 2017 KYOTO POZNAN


She said the movement of my arm was so smooth and elegant that it looked like something quietly flowing on a stream of water, however, I did not know exactly how I could respond to her comment and to my regret, I just mumbled some meaningless words in my mouth.


After returning to Kyoto, I reported this little story to my present calligraphy teacher, and she what said was “You should have just said ‘Thank you very much’, because comparing your arm movement to water streams or something dancing in the air is THE compliments of highest grade!”

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