Dreamy poem

This is one of my past works that was … 続きを読む

Mother and daughter

These are collaboration works with my … 続きを読む

Leading character

I chose this phrase from the brochure … 続きを読む

After-dark scenery

This is my own favorite piece. I like … 続きを読む

Laugh? Smile? Both!

Right after my first solo exhibition a… 続きを読む

For your beauty

I learned this Chinese phrase meant “f… 続きを読む

Delayed fulfillment of a promise

These are for my dear friend from high… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons!

These are the results of the practice … 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons!

This was the assignment our teacher ga… 続きを読む

Utmost joy

Waking up mother/ Little, pleasant tim… 続きを読む

Tarot reading at a shrine

I had my fortune forecast by tarot rea… 続きを読む

Moon viewing

Autumn moon/ Bower has darkness/ In to… 続きを読む

Happy birthday

Today, September 11th, was the birthda… 続きを読む

Another forgotten one

When I was trying to clean up my terri… 続きを読む

Greatest pastime

  My greatest pastime lately is p… 続きを読む

White dew

Today marks 白露, one of the seasonal st… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons!

This was the task for today’s lesson. … 続きを読む

Light and shadow

I remember it was definitely the most … 続きを読む

He loves me he loves me not

The poet says she leaves the last one … 続きを読む

My work from the year 2007

This was one of the main items for my … 続きを読む

Afternoon nap

I thought I would practice a lot today… 続きを読む