〜Preparation for gift giving ポチ袋〜

Yesterday I made these in a workshop a… 続きを読む

〜Flower smiles とても小さな額〜

The two letters are “flower” and “smil… 続きを読む

〜Buddhist phrase 融通無碍〜

I read somewhere and learned that in B… 続きを読む

〜One way of expressing beauty 華道展〜

As I got an invitation to a big exhibi… 続きを読む

〜Old ink stick 龍の絵〜

The ink stick I bought quite some time… 続きを読む

〜Big dream 師からの贈り物〜

The photo shows a gift from my first c… 続きを読む

〜Warmer days ahead 落ち葉・過去へ〜

Yesterday I wrote that in Kyoto we are… 続きを読む

〜Coldest days 地始凍〜

This phrase meaning “the earth begins … 続きを読む

〜Pink is my life! ピンク大好き〜

I have always liked pink color.  Then … 続きを読む

〜Seasonal phrase for the first half of November つばき〜

The phrase for this season around the … 続きを読む

〜Fruits on a tree お庭の木の実〜

Yesterday I watched a couple in my nei… 続きを読む

〜Hurry up, love! 愛が いそいでる〜

This love happened to have a head forw… 続きを読む

〜Winter begins 立冬〜

〜Winter begins 立冬〜 . Fragrance of chry… 続きを読む

〜A little bigger paper screens 新作です〜

About two and a half months ago, I wro… 続きを読む

〜Complimentary remark to calligraphers, Pt. 2 書家への賛辞 その2〜

The other day, I wrote that it is a su… 続きを読む

〜Going back to the basics 昔のお手本〜

I practiced with models my teacher gav… 続きを読む

〜Autumn colors カエデやツタ〜

This is the phrase for this season, be… 続きを読む

〜I am very happy! 嬉しい出来事〜

An acquaintance of my longtime, very g… 続きを読む

〜Vast expansion 宇宙の宙〜

A little signal made me interested in … 続きを読む

〜Happy Halloween! 母のお気に入り〜

My mother liked it at once.  So, for h… 続きを読む

〜 Seeing through the essence 憧れの女性 その2〜

Yesterday I wrote that my first callig… 続きを読む

〜 Cherishing and loving; illuminating and lighting 憧れの女性 〜

I picked two characters from the Buddh… 続きを読む

〜 Phrase for the season 時々、しとしと 〜

The seasonal phrase according to the s… 続きを読む

〜 Comprehensive virtue 師の書の臨書 〜

I practiced copying the calligraphy my… 続きを読む

〜 Modern haiku コンビニの俳句 〜

Writing haiku poems has been interesti… 続きを読む

〜 Phrase of the season キリギリス 〜

This phrase, “bush crickets at the doo… 続きを読む

〜 Dancing in the air 宙を舞う 〜

This best compliment for a calligraphe… 続きを読む

Fragrance in the air もったいない

Osmanthus flowers are in full bloom he… 続きを読む

New moon in the libra 天秤座新月

“Airy-fairy wave motion” “Fresh breeze… 続きを読む

Future changes 変化は恐れない

It is easy just say that we must not f… 続きを読む

I had a dream like this….

Sometime ago, I had an impressive drea… 続きを読む


This phrase of the season is roughly a… 続きを読む

Back of my house

I don’t clean back of my house very of… 続きを読む

Hospital visit

For the first time in months, I paid a… 続きを読む

Phrase of the season

. “A flock of geese begin to fly in.” … 続きを読む


Both my first calligraphy teacher and … 続きを読む


“As light flows”. . Somehow, I feel so… 続きを読む

Large frame

I put small postcard size works into a… 続きを読む

Same lines, different styles

I practiced calligraphy following the … 続きを読む

Old memory

Old memory . I visited Chikubu Island … 続きを読む

Harvest time

This phrase means “water drains”.  It … 続きを読む

New way of presentation

These are examples of wonderful way of… 続きを読む

First full moon of the month

At the end of the month, there will be… 続きを読む

Another copying practice result

Another copying practice result . “Get… 続きを読む

Next full moon

We will be enjoying the first full moo… 続きを読む


This phrase is one of the divided seas… 続きを読む


Here is another new result of my copyi… 続きを読む

My calligraphy in someone’s craft

A lady in my neighborhood is an enthus… 続きを読む

My version of “beautiful mathematics”

I wrote two characters meaning “number… 続きを読む

Last day

Today marks the last day of this year’… 続きを読む