Next full moon

We will be enjoying the first full moo… 続きを読む


This phrase is one of the divided seas… 続きを読む


Here is another new result of my copyi… 続きを読む

My calligraphy in someone’s craft

A lady in my neighborhood is an enthus… 続きを読む

My version of “beautiful mathematics”

I wrote two characters meaning “number… 続きを読む

Last day

Today marks the last day of this year’… 続きを読む

Phrase of the season

“Thunder now stops” is the symbolic ph… 続きを読む

I realized something.

After years of brooding about how I co… 続きを読む

I learned something.

This is what I learned recently, takin… 続きを読む

Years ago

This is my copying practice of the wor… 続きを読む

Day 3 — Different kinds of marchés

These two consecutive weekends I atten… 続きを読む

Day 2 — Hide and seek

The photo shows a small part of my boo… 続きを読む

Day 1 of the September Art Marché

Unfortunately, maybe because of the we… 続きを読む

New Moon in the Virgo and one more

Tonight’s moon is the Virgoan new moon… 続きを読む

Feeling nostalgic 2

The other day I wrote about my copying… 続きを読む

Regular practice

The photo shows my new copying practic… 続きを読む

September Art Marché

It is a pleasure for me to announce th… 続きを読む

Day 2

Today was the Day 2 of the big event, … 続きを読む

Who is this?

It was the Day 1 of the big event, the… 続きを読む

Grandpa’s calligraphy

This is the official enumeration of co… 続きを読む

New works

The photo shows my new works on Tanzak… 続きを読む

On wood, this time

I tried some of the same motifs as bef… 続きを読む

World keeps changing

This small, old piece of paper is an o… 続きを読む

Supreme compliment

In November 2017, by good fortune I wa… 続きを読む

Progress report

You will find these works at the “Kyot… 続きを読む

Living in thankfulness

This photo shows a new result of copyi… 続きを読む

Rice cropping timing

This phrase is from the solar terms an… 続きを読む

Fan shaped paper

These are my new pieces on fan shaped … 続きを読む

Novelty and nostalgia

I think that these two are the main fe… 続きを読む

Very slightly bigger type of very small screens

The photo shows very small paper scree… 続きを読む