Feeling nostalgic

I found this while trying to get rid o… 続きを読む

Proud posting

This is again a result of my copying p… 続きを読む

Delightful announcement

Kyoto Art Craft Market 2020 Autumn . h… 続きを読む

Seasons turn

Seasons turn . This phrase is allocate… 続きを読む

Small decorations on the wall

Just like the small screens, I would l… 続きを読む

Thanks for a good job!

These two scrolls returned from the pi… 続きを読む

Some lines from a children’s song

Today falls on July 7th according to t… 続きを読む

Aiming at a simple living

These days I have been working on a ve… 続きを読む

A little late blooming

I found a gardenia flower in my garden… 続きを読む

Refreshing atmosphere

Entering the venue, I felt very refres… 続きを読む

My old “dream boat”

The photo shows my old piece from arou… 続きを読む

My starting point

As I often do, I practiced copying my … 続きを読む

Deep fog?

This is one of the subdivided phrases … 続きを読む

Swan song

This phrase came into my mind the inst… 続きを読む

Small screens

These are miniature screens in the for… 続きを読む

Noise of a kind of cicadas

This is one of the subdivided phrases … 続きを読む

Delightful cute, little homemade goods

I got these small envelops made of thi… 続きを読む

In a corner of summery scenery

“Gardener crops cucumbers along the su… 続きを読む

Like the light of the star

Again, this is my copying practice of … 続きを読む

Fans for mom

These old fans are what I did for my l… 続きを読む

Zen phrase for August

“Willows are green; flowers are red”. … 続きを読む

Heartwarming gifts

One of my valued, long-time friends fr… 続きを読む

Lions Gate

Those involving things spiritual often… 続きを読む


This is my version of “Scarlet by the … 続きを読む

Wave from your mind

This is another copying practice I did… 続きを読む

Only showing my desperate wish at the moment

This means “cool air begins to blow”, … 続きを読む

End of the rainy season; several days ago

This year’s very, tediously long rainy… 続きを読む

Exhibit of 100 fans

I am happy to announce that I was allo… 続きを読む

Happy encounters at the marché

Happy encounters at the marché . Today… 続きを読む

Day 2 of the August marché

Today was the second day of the art ma… 続きを読む