〜Mom’s riceballs どうやって作るの?〜

My late mother always asked me what kind of rice balls I would like for the lunch box on special days such as a school excursion day.  And every time I answered, “I would like fig-shaped rice balls!”.  Then she would answer, “I won’t make those because it is troublesome”.  And then, every time, I said to myself, “She shouldn’t have asked me that question at all because she must certainly know that I would surely answer I would like figgy rice balls”.

And on the next morning, she never failed to cook my favorite rice balls.

I would like to add here for her due credit that her rice balls looked much nicer and tastier.  I just have no idea how she used to cook them.

The ocean in my mother’s palm; a rice ball/

O Mother’s Day/

Calligraphy and translation by Chio


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遠足など特別の日のお弁当のおにぎりには何がいい? と亡母は必ず聞いてくれました。そして私は必ず「無花果のおにぎりがいい」と答え、その度に母は「あれは面倒やからアカン」と言い、私は「だったら聞かなければいいのに。私が絶対に無花果のおにぎりがいいと言うことは分かっているくせに」と思ったものでした。








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