〜Cats’ paws バレンタインでもハロウィンでも〜

Actually, I did this this piece of a contemporary haiku inspired by a box of chocolates my friend sent me for the Valentine’s Day.  However, I thought the theme would fit Halloween, as well.

Somehow my late mother loved Halloween.  I am afraid she didn’t understand the meaning of the event but just loved cute, little things she found at various places.

Footprints take form of fire/

Cats in snow/

Calligraphy and translation by Chio


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実はこれはバレンタインデーに友人から贈られたチョコレートを見て、ふと現代俳句を探して書いた物でしたが、ハロウィンにも通じるかな? と思います。








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