Half-formed idea

I thought calligraphy on round sheets … 続きを読む

Once upon a time…

I did some copying practice of my firs… 続きを読む

Lo and behold!

風景異化 I read somewhere it means a scene… 続きを読む

Flower gift

Someone came over and offered this flo… 続きを読む

Everything changes

Water flows. . Things go away. . Somet… 続きを読む

Where happiness resides

It shows “the place happiness is”. . I… 続きを読む

Rainy morning

It was a quiet rainy morning. . Ordina… 続きを読む

Symbol of the solar term of this season

“A caterpillar changes into a butterfl… 続きを読む

My ideal as a calligrapher

My ideal as a calligrapher . What I de… 続きを読む


Today, on March 11th, prayers for life… 続きを読む

As above, so below

I learned the phrase means what is hap… 続きを読む

Acorn in a dream

This time <https://wp.me/p2EZhA-2zh&#8230; 続きを読む

Spring breeze

Spring is just around the corner.  And… 続きを読む


As today falls on Jingzhe, one of the … 続きを読む

My time has come!

And at the moment, I am feeling it has… 続きを読む