My name is …

My name as a calligrapher, a pseudonym… 続きを読む

White flowers

Since a Japanese enkianthus tree in my… 続きを読む

Another Zen words

The other day I wrote one of the well-… 続きを読む

Face masks!

Yesterday I got a couple of cute face … 続きを読む


Both my late first calligraphy teacher… 続きを読む

Second tries ~ Not perfect yet ~

The other day I wrote about my half-fo… 続きを読む


This phrase is from the solar system t… 続きを読む

Stay home

This phrase is one of the popular Zen … 続きを読む

Good memories? Mixed emotions.

Cherry blossoms are beginning to fall…. 続きを読む

THE beginning

It all started here. . The photo shows… 続きを読む