I did this one several years ago.  My … 続きを読む

Paper helps calligraphy? Yes!!

I showed this to someone today, and sh… 続きを読む

Collaboration by four people

 First my mother wrote the big letters… 続きを読む

Light that spreads

This is one of the works by my first c… 続きを読む

Only one

This is the only calligraphy my late f… 続きを読む

Words of wisdom

This is my work from around ten years … 続きを読む

End of the summer

It has been unbearably hot!  Still, so… 続きを読む

Memory of a summer day

I wrote this one about four years ago … 続きを読む

For her good friends

My mother wrote these on postcards for… 続きを読む

Favorite haiku

This has been my favorite haiku for ma… 続きを読む

Excellent luck!

Excellent luck! Today I visited the sh… 続きを読む

Work from young days

I am now trying to sort out my works f… 続きを読む


This wooden box cup for drinking sakéo… 続きを読む

No wonder they are called “lanterns”

Elderly people sometimes say the spiri… 続きを読む

Girls’ luncheon party at an Italian restaurant

This is no “fancy” restaurant at all, … 続きを読む

Please stay cool

As a little, humble present for the te… 続きを読む

Autumn begins

Looking after an old parent is no easy… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons!

This was the task for today’s practice… 続きを読む