Collaboration by four people

  1.  First my mother wrote the big letters, “Gold” and “Fish”:
  2.  Then I searched and found a poem from the ancient China about pretty gold fish.  And I wrote the poem in small letters around the big ones by my mother:
  3.  One of the caregivers that looked after my mother then was very good at the art of folding paper into various figures (origami) and she made those golden fish:


  1.  A craftsman from the picture framer I always ask my works to be framed came up with this stylish frame.

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Words of wisdom

This is my work from around ten years ago.  The phrase is from the Analects of Confucius.  Its interpretation differs among each person.

I chose this one just because it has characters meaning “beauty” and “intellect”, the first letter of my name.  On top of that I wanted to see how the brush of a long sheaf of hair would work.

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Memory of a summer day

I wrote this one about four years ago after visiting the facility for the elderly my mother then belonged to for the first time for a fun event for both the elderly and their families, a little concert of reed pipes.

In every household/

Is a good-hearted oldster/

Gourd flowers/

Translation and calligraphy by Chio

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Favorite haiku

This has been my favorite haiku for many years. However, I learned quite recently that this flower, hibiscus mutabilis, only blooms for one day and withers at sunset.

The man I put a curse on/

Is the one I love/

Scarlet flower of hibiscus mutabilis/

Translation and calligraphy by Chio

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