Dragons in the air

As my first calligraphy teacher (秋山公道the late Mr. Akiyama Kodo) and my mother were both born in the year of dragon, I like visiting shrines associated with dragons.

Yesterday, I went to Shinsenen Shrine.  It was a beautiful place full of agreeable atmosphere.  I felt pleasant breeze blowing but unfortunately, I didn’t feel existence of dragons around, which some people with supernatural power may feel.

The photo shows my work of the letter 龍or dragon and a passage on the written oracle I got there.

Just outside your eaves/

It maybe storming/


Inside your house/

Is springlike warmth/

Translation by Tomoko

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First visit at the hospital; first get-well gift

My first teacher (秋山公道the late Mr. Akiyama Kodo) was almost 60 years old when I started going to his school at age six.

When he got very sick and was hospitalized for the first time, I was really surprised and shocked simply because that was a rare happening in my life then.

I went to his hospital room with a towel hanger in the shape of a hippo face with a big mouth as a get-well present.

Apparently, he was inspired by my childish gift, he wrote this haiku and made it into a piece of calligraphy work and later, he gave this framed work to me.

Towel hanger/

Making a clattering sound/

In the sweaty hospital room/

Translation by Tomoko

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Birthday girl!

Today is my mother’s 91stbirthday.  She hasn’t been very well for some time.  But now she seems to be recovering her health. It is thanks, I think, to all the well-wishes and help from the people around her.

Even the rainy season feels nice and sweet/

When I cook the millet seeds/

My dear friend sent us for her/

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Strong woman


Many years ago, at a language school I went to then, a teacher said to me, “You’re a strong woman.”  However, at that time, I didn’t believe him. I just couldn’t.  I am not very sure about that even now, but at present I am finally beginning to think he had an insight into true nature of me.

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