Holding a brush

Holding a brush Young children, elderl… 続きを読む

Noisy insects!

They say cicadas begin shrilling right… 続きを読む

Dragons in the air

As my first calligraphy teacher (秋山公道t… 続きを読む

First visit at the hospital; first get-well gift

My first teacher (秋山公道the late Mr. Aki… 続きを読む

Birthday girl!

Today is my mother’s 91stbirthday.  Sh… 続きを読む

To myself in the past

This is what I want to convey to mysel… 続きを読む

Important factor in life

Important factor in life I enjoyed an … 続きを読む

Strong woman

  Many years ago, at a language s… 続きを読む

To an old friend

I got an e-mail message from a good, o… 続きを読む

Beautiful window

What is beautiful?  Is the window itse… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons!

These are the tasks for today’s practi… 続きを読む