I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

Because the task for today’s practice … 続きを読む

Little flowers in our garden プリムラ

In our garden, primula flowers are beg… 続きを読む

Old Japanese way of thinking and feeling ピンク好き

According to the old Japanese traditio… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

The task for today’s practice session … 続きを読む

Regular visit to the grave 記憶の通り

Today I paid a visit to the grave of m… 続きを読む

Girls’ night 女子会

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend o… 続きを読む

Almost nothing fresh どうも平凡で・・・

I have really been trying hard to esca… 続きを読む

Something wild 季節のことば

As I have been suffering from a cold, … 続きを読む