Seeing with mental eyes 大事なものが見える

If you try to see things with your men… 続きを読む

Deity’s agent 狐ですよね

I often hear Fushimi Inari-taisha Shri… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

In some places, I tend to move the bru… 続きを読む

Best friend and grandpa 懐かしい人々

In our garden, primrose flowers and ge… 続きを読む

Blossoms and young leaves この組み合わせが好き

My mother in a wheel chair and I enjoy… 続きを読む

Great number of tulips 良く知っている光景

The botanical garden is where I freque… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

When practicing copying great masterpi… 続きを読む

News of peoples’ death アイドル顔好き

This year started with an impact shock… 続きを読む

Blue Bird 既に手中にある宝

The phrase means “treasure is in your … 続きを読む

Girls’ favorite 今日こそひな祭り

As the day before yesterday fell on th… 続きを読む

Happy birthday! 花祭り

It was a benign spring day and I celeb… 続きを読む

Month of March 旧暦三月

The photo shows my work of more three … 続きを読む