I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

A broken earthenware mortar—we learned… 続きを読む

Very good haiku! 詠んだ人偉いよね

I kept trying to take my mother in whe… 続きを読む

I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

We learned that the phrase meant “trea… 続きを読む

Peaceful New Year days 今年のお正月

This year started with warm, sunny, wi… 続きを読む

First snowfall of the season 初雪の朝

  This morning I woke up to find first… 続きを読む

Rainbow-sign of good fortune? 冬の虹

Actually, I saw this rainbow the photo… 続きを読む

First calligraphy of the year 1月2日なので

January 2 has been designated as the d… 続きを読む

New Year Greeting 新年のご挨拶

Best wishes for a successful and rewar… 続きを読む