Dinner on New Year’s Eve 大晦日の夜

1231 12.31

I learned the phrase meant family members get together for the dinner on New Year’s Eve. In our case, “family members” indicates only my old mother and I. We, however, had grilled spareribs that must be popular among young people.

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Old acquaintance 再会


“Isn’t it great when friends visit from distant places?”

I chose this phrase by Confucius because I had a great time with a friend from far just like it mentions the other day.

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Special practice session 特別稽古日でした


Since a young friend of mine with a little interest in calligraphy came to our place, my mother, the visitor and I practiced together. I am sorry for my friend because my mother and I sort of forced her to help my mother kill great amount of free time.

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Missing a love on midwinter 初恋らしい


As today falls on midwinter, I chose a poem by Bai Juyi which is believed to be written when he missed his love living far away, and something like a catch-phrase of the day, “swinging from the negative to the positive” or “return of spring”.

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New Year’s Greeting card 年賀状書き


I am now busy writing New Year’s cards. In Japan, to be sure the cards delivered on January 1st, which is still considered to be a polite manner especially to your seniors, we need to drop them into a post box at least several days before the end of the year.

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The seasons rotate. 来年の楽しみ

12.17 Daytime moon

Cherry leaves that had turned red (or brown) have almost fallen. However, you can easily and clearly see new buds coming out.

Daytime moon is/

Hanging from the/

Branches of defoliated cherry trees/

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Familiar view 光る水面

12.13 12,13

The glittering surface of the Takano River that has been so familiar since my childhood strikes me as something very new when viewed with my mother in a wheel chair. In other words, it is a sequel of this.

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Contemplation 観想


To contemplate profoundly focusing on one target.

As my mother is suffering mentally, she seems to have difficulty concentrating her mind on one thing.

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