August marché begins

  Today was the first day of the … 続きを読む

Arrangement for the August marché

I am feeling very happy about the idea… 続きを読む


What I have been trying to get these s… 続きを読む

Happy surprise from the past

This simply framed piece that I had co… 続きを読む

Tiny, little pleasures

I would like to propose these small it… 続きを読む

Eye of the mind

If you have this, anything and everyth… 続きを読む

Copying practice

I am fully aware that in this tough pe… 続きを読む


It is a great pleasure for me to annou… 続きを読む

Unlimited possibilities

Unlimited possibilities are smiling at… 続きを読む


I actually wanted to buy sunflowers at… 続きを読む

Hawks learn to fly

This phrase, one of the divided season… 続きを読む

Such bonne bouche again

A really good, longtime friend came to… 続きを読む