〜Difficult issue to deal with 春は黄色〜

Flowers of mimosa, I hear, that in Italy represent beginning of spring and at the same time, a tradition of giving gifts to the close people, as well.  The day of the event, March 8th is officially designated as “International Women’s Day” in many countries.

However, I think how you regard “women” can substantially differentiate how you regard this “day”.

As I happened to find a fun modern haiku about the flower, I tried to express this amusingness with somewhat peculiar lines.

Mimosa branches swing/

Just can’t recall how the love/


Calligraphy and translation by Chio


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しかしながら、「女の人」をどう捉えるかによって、 この「日」の捉え方も大きく違ってくるかと思います。





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