Art marché

It is a great pleasure for me to annou… 続きを読む

Light falls

This is a suncatcher at my window this… 続きを読む

Pleasures in life

“To delight your mind and please your … 続きを読む

Safflower in full bloom

This is the seasonal term for around t… 続きを読む

Almost summer season

The temperature is steadily going up a… 続きを読む

My old piece

The photo shows my work from a long ti… 続きを読む

Non-conventional “picture” postcards

Just as shown in my last entry, “calli… 続きを読む

New tries of the old style

The photo shows my latest works on pos… 続きを読む

Juicy greenery

The photo shows my work of about ten y… 続きを読む

Aoi Matsuri Festival

The most famous, popular and important… 続きを読む

Memories of my young days—Handmade mask

A very good and longtime friend of min… 続きを読む

Agreeable breeze

This is a well-known ancient Chinese p… 続きを読む

Happy Mother’s Day

Here is a haiku of irregular rhythm I … 続きを読む

Crane and dragon

These days, people can’t help feeling … 続きを読む

Beginning of summer

Today marks the first day of the summe… 続きを読む

Love is the ocean

This is my favorite image, the image o… 続きを読む

Mother’s 令和

Exactly one year ago, the very first d… 続きを読む