〜Four big ones メインの作品〜

These are the main features to be exhibited at the event scheduled for the end of this month.   The big letters, names of the flowers of the four seasons were done by my late mother, out of which, the “Daffodil”, the first one, brought the whole idea to me.  The others are “Cherry blossom”, “Lily” and “Chrysanthemum”.  And the small letters in each piece are haikus about those flowers composed and written by myself.

If you have a favorite character or phrase that you would like Calligrapher Chio to write, please let her know by sending it (them) to her address, <chio_art@yushokai.com>.

Requests for Chio’s calligraphy are accepted at <chio_art@yushokai.com> as well.


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