〜Yushui 雪から雨へ〜

Today falls on Yushui one of the twenty-four solar terms.  It is said that around this time of year, what falls from the sky turns to rain from snow.  So, here are a Chinese poem from ancient time and a modern haiku about this season, the former depicts showy pink peach blossoms and green willow buds that are moist from the rain on the previous night and the spring mist around; and the latter refers to an old saying that goes starting to display Hina dolls on this day will bring you a good match.

As for me I dearly wish for meetings with those who love my calligraphy. 


If you have a favorite character or phrase that you would like me to write, please let me know by sending it (them) to my address, chio_art@yushokai.com







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