〜Name of a famous star 『この字が好きリクエスト』から〜

One of my friends who enjoys looking up at the night sky while taking a walk responded to my request for favorite letter(s) or word(s) and suggested his favorite star name, 昴Sterope.  And I checked about it and found out that it isn’t one isolated star but looks like six connected stars to human eyes (actually, there are much more stars) and so it is also called 六連星 or six connected stars in Japan.

Now, it reminds me that I have always wondered why the ancient letter for star looks more like an “alien” rather than a “star”.


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そこで私が思うのは、「星」という字の昔の形って、どうしてこんなふうに星っぽくなくて、どちらかと言うと宇宙人っぽいのかしら? といつも思う、ということです。




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