〜Long continuation 努力を続けるということ〜

Through my calligraphic activities, I got a precious acquaintance with a paperer

As I have practiced calligraphy since childhood, “paperers” means to me a group of very special people.  From them, I got great assistance that words cannot express on the occasion of my first solo exhibition at the beginning of 2009 and three group exhibitions that followed it.  

And I have always been keen to know what their essential works be.  

And so, I was extremely happy when they let me visit her house and witness the place and their trade and business directly.  

Moreover, I found out that she is not only a good artisan but a fantastic artist herself.  The admirable artisanship and art that she creates are the result of her long-standing efforts.

This “continuation” was none other than her request.  I put it on the beautiful frame I got at her place.


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