〜Vernal Equinox Day 春の季語〜

As today happens to mark the Vernal Equinox Day, I wrote two haikus about spring season.  I learned that the child’s plays such as “bubbles”, “seesaws”, “swings” and others are categorized as spring-time seasonal words in haiku world and that it is because when spring comes children start playing vigorously outside.  I thought haiku thinking is really interesting.

Incidentally, the drawstring pouches behind by calligraphy are beautiful works by Ootakoubou.

Butterfly may be born/

Among the crowds/

Vernal equinoctial week/

Gears working busily inside/


Calligraphy and translation by Chio


If you have a favorite character or phrase that you would like me to write, please let me know by sending it (them) to my address, chio_art@yushokai.com






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