〜It took a starry night … Part 2 綺麗な言葉 その2〜

Someone mentioned『星月夜』or “a very bright night sky”, literally “stars, moon, night” to my request asking for a favorite letter (character) or word, saying she loves the phrase because it is just very beautiful, and that she likes the famous painting by Van Gogh, as well.  

As a matter of fact, I, too, like this beautiful phrase very much and had put it into my own haiku I wrote while looking after my mother still alive at that time.  

The photo shows my work composed of three parts, that is, my tanka, my haiku and some comments.  At times when my mother had bad moods, I used to take her out putting her in her wheel chair, which happened even after dinner a number of times. 

One evening like that, the evening star and the crescent moon were seen beautifully in the sky as if they were facing each other and smiling at each other.  

The first tanka part is my description of it and the second part is a haiku I wrote imagining taking mother’s hand and flying in the night sky together, and here I used the phrase『星月夜』.  

And the last part is my comment that I was truly amazed to see my mother “expressed gratitude” to the beauty of the stars just because I had never thought she was that kind of person.

I didn’t write here, however, after returning home, she even said she should have put her hands together to give deep gratitude to the beautiful stars, which surprised me so much.


If you have a favorite character or phrase that you would like me to write, please let me know by sending it (them) to my address, chio_art@yushokai.com












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