〜Never war  強烈な実感〜

One morning in summer two or three years ago, an important friend of mine in Poland, an experienced teacher at an elementary school, who knows I have some skill of Japanese style calligraphy asked me to write “never war” in Japanese because she hoped to use it in her classes.  Thus, I wrote “戦争反対, or pacifism or anti-war spirit”, which I used to be very familiar with when young.  Then, I thought I would produce one more work “平和, or peace” to add a brighter tone.  

I sent these pieces to her and later I learned she actually used them in her classes and introduced those works in many ways, which made me feel as if I were walking on air.

In those days, I had never imagined I would feel so much intense reality about these phrases as I do now.


If you have a favorite character or phrase that you would like me to write, please let me know by sending it (them) to my address, chio_art@yushokai.com


2〜3年前の夏のある日、私が書が出来ることを知っているポーランドの大事な友人(教職歴の長い小学校の先生)から「日本語で『Never war』と書いてほしい。授業で使いたいから」との依頼を受けました。それで若かった頃によく聞いた『戦争反対』を書いて、それだけでは暗いイメージだけになってしまいそうなので、『平和』も書いて送っておきました。






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