〜Results of a determined mind 一心万花〜

“One-Heart-Ten thousand-Flowers”  

I found this phrase in one of my late teacher’s works displayed on the walls of a sushi shop near his house.  I like the phrase very much and write it very often.  And I used to translate this “One Heart” part as “dedicated mind” and explain the whole term as “a dedicated mind to one thing would yield many good results”.  

However, I thought it should have been “determined mind” when I heard the lay sermon by the chief priest of the temple my family has been following.


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先生のお家の近くのお寿司屋さんに飾ってある先生のお作品の言葉です。私はこれが好きでよく書きますが、「一心」を“dedicated mind”と訳して、全体は“A dedicated mind would yield many favorable results.”のように説明していました。

けれども先日お世話になっているお寺のご住職のお話を聞いていたら、「一心」は寧ろ固く決意した心“determined mind”と訳すべきだったかなと思いました。







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