〜Little red bird 懐かしい歌〜

Occasionally I choose the words from children’s songs in old times as motifs for my calligraphic works.  For, they make me feel nostalgic and warm my heart.  This song of “Little red bird” was my favorite when I was little, however, I didn’t realize it was based on a poem by the famous poet, Kitahara Hakushū.

Little, red bird.

Why, oh, why is it red, I wonder.

It ate red fruits, that’s why.

Calligraphy and translation by Chio


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私はときに童謡の歌詞を書の題材に選びます。懐かしくて、心が温かくなるからです。この「赤い鳥 小鳥」の歌も幼い頃好きでした。けれども、北原白秋の詩が基になっているとは知りませんでした。






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