〜Branch shrine 今年は分院に〜

About this time last year, I went and prayed at the grand festival of Izumotaisha Shrine in Shimane Prefecture.  However, this year I went to its branch in Kyoto Prefecture for its grand festival.

The written oracle I got there said something like “you must always do good, because the deity is eyeing on you all the time”.  During my visit to this shrine, I found things someone left behind in the restrooms of the shrine and the station and I took both of them to proper places.  I am sure I must have done the same, even if the deity wasn’t looking at my behavior, though.

The photos are the sky over the torii of the shrine and a lonely sight on my way back.


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All people I like to meet/

Are the ones in the past/

O, autumn wind/

Calligraphy and translation by Chio




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