〜Are you familiar with this?  散歩の途中でも〜

The calligraphy on this stone monument was done by my teacher. Probably, it is his calligraphy at his most energetic days.  I am sure those who know me have seen it at least once or twice.   

However, you can’t any comment that it was done by Akiyama Kodo 秋山公道 anywhere on and around the monument.  I just wonder if there remains a record in the Kyoto Prefectural Office about their asking him for his calligraphy here and their paying rewards to him. 

There are many advantages of practicing under an esteemed calligrapher, and this is the one, that is, you can say “Hello!” to your teacher quite easily even while taking a walk. 

Incidentally, today, July 3rd is his death anniversary.


この石碑の字は私の師匠によるものです。力強くて、多分一番お元気だった頃の字だと思われます。私と知り合いの方々は、一度はこれをご覧になった方が多いのでは? と思います。ただこの石碑とその周辺のどこにも『秋山公道揮毫』と記されていません。府庁のどこかにこの揮毫を秋山公道に依頼して、いくらいくらの謝金を支払ったという記録が残っているかしら? と思うのです。




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