〜Important friend 喜んでもらいたい〜

An important friend of mine I got acquainted at a calligraphy exhibit held in November, 2017 in Poland asked me to write some words related to music and learning for her three good friends.  Unfortunately, I only came up with words and characters about music and wrote the six ones at the top.  I hope all the ladies will like one or two out of these works.





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〜Important friend 喜んでもらいたい〜」への5件のコメント

  1. Black Japanese calligraphy on a white background with a narrow golden edge looks elegant. Congratulations!

    • Thank you always for your encouraging comments.
      I think you have a keen sense of observation. I hear in ancient times, real gold was used for the edges. Its original purpose, interesting enough was to detect an enemy with poison. For, gold changes the color if touched by poison.



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