Visiting the grave, at last やっとの事で

This month I finally got to visit the grave of my mother’s natal home.  It was the fourth try since I first planned it.  I was almost angry with my grandpa, suspecting if he didn’t want me to come and visit him.

When I was preparing the offerings for the ancestors, a lady came and talked to me.  I was sorry I didn’t remember her, because she was one of my distant relatives.

I then had a new idea that maybe he tried to make me come at that time of that day.

In the spring sunlight/

Only dusts are dancing in the air/

What never changes/

Is Mother’s hometown/

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今月に入ってようやく母の実家のお墓参りに行きました。初めに計画したときから数えると4回目でした。もうだいぶクサっていましたよ。おじいちゃんは私に来て欲しくないのか!? とか。


おじいちゃんは、この日、このときにおいで、と呼んでくれたのか? と思い直しました。

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