♫ Grandpa’s gonna take me to… ♫ 動物園

2-28 2.28 Baku

My mother and I went to the zoo today.

At first she wasn’t quite happy about the idea but I have a fond memory about the zoo where my grandfather often took me when I was a little child. He loved me dearly because I was his first lineal grandchild.

My mother with her mental disorder has become interestingly undefended and recently we have truth talks from time to time. Before that, she seldom talked about my grandfather who passed away more than fifty years ago, but these days she often says she liked him for his kindheartedness.

However, the zoo looked much different from the one in my memory, as its refurbishing was just completed last year.

Looking for a cage of Baku/

Spring afternoon in the/


Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

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