Popular udon and sushi restaurant 巻き寿司

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These days, I try to bring out my mother in a wheel chair for a walk. We usually go and see the old house where my calligraphy teacher lived not far from our house and then just come back. Today, when we went near the house we noticed a mouth-watering smell from a little udon noodles and sushi restaurant close to the house and my mother said she wanted to buy and eat some rolled sushi or makizushi. I entered the restaurant and asked to take out a sushi roll but today was their fixed holiday. However, the good-natured couple, owners of the restaurant, kindly said they were happy to make one because they have the ingredients when they knew I was a student of their neighborhood calligrapher.

I saw many calligraphy works by my teacher in the restaurant which my teacher and his wife frequented for delivery. I took photographs of the works and as soon as we went home I tried practicing copying one of his works I found on the walls of the restaurant, however, my effort just turned out to far from the splendor by my teacher.

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