〜Trustworthy person  有言実行〜

I was lucky enough to get acquainted with a number of people at the occasion of the group exhibit of calligraphy held in November 2017, in Poznan, Poland.  One of these people is a lady who are now successfully accomplishing her career as a teacher at a primary school there.  She liked my calligraphy and introduced it to the influential people there one after another.  In short, this lady not only “speaks” but actually acts.  I have received requests from her several times so far to give her my calligraphy on certain themes.  Every time I try to answer her request as soon as possible.  The photo shows my calligraphic works about cooking and food I wrote following her request, which I sent to her immediately.  Apparently, she wants to use these in her classes.  According to her, her students and their parents enjoy my calligraphy very much.  I think I am so lucky to have met a friend who is willing to contribute to my ultimate goal in life, that is, to spread this art and culture to the whole world.




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