〜Old folk tale 岩手の民話から〜

This is from an old folk tale of Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan.


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl in Kibushi, Morioka.  Every day she went to the Kitakamigawa River in front of her house, and did a laundry under a tall willow tree.

It is said that one day after she got out of home as usual, she went missing.

Her family and the villagers searched everywhere talking to one another, “Where the deuce has she gone?  It is as if she had got spirited away.”  But they couldn’t find her anywhere.

However, a few days later, she was found, being entangled by many branches and held tightly to the trunk of the willow tree.

The villagers saved her and brought her back home.

After that, she was sick with a sense of malaise for a long time and had a pallid face.

After she recovered from the illness, she said, “When I was washing the clothes just as usual that afternoon, the most beautiful man I have ever seen appeared from somewhere and hugged me tight and wouldn’t let me go.  In the meantime, I felt dizzy and didn’t know what was what.”

After this incident, the willow tree naturally withered and died.


“Beautiful man of the willow treed”, a folk tale of Iwate.













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