〜Review on last year 最終は、感謝〜

When I recall new things that happened to my life last year, I instantly think of several kinds of what you might call “art marchés” I was allowed to participate in.  I found out each marché had its character and clientele.

I had always believed that my calligraphy was of a certain level because I practiced under a distinguished calligrapher for a long time since childhood.

However, to my great pleasure, it turned out that I enjoyed more appreciation than I had expected from many people in a number of occasions.

Now, I am once again reminded of my good fortune to have met a renowned calligrapher and his wife, equally a splendid calligrapher herself, as my teachers; and that my late parents let me go to their school for a long time.

So, this is “delight (happiness), confidence, gratitude”.







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